Year 11 Mock Exams – Monday 10th November 2014 – Monday 17th November 2014

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Dear Parents


From Monday 10th November until Monday 17th November. The students in year 11 will be completing their Mock examinations.



  • It is crucial your son/daughter is in school no later than 8.20am everyday during this period.
  • They need to bring all of their equipment in a clear pencil case or bag, this includes a Scientific calculator and several black and blue pens, rubber and sharp pencil, ruler, protractor, compass.
  • They need to wear a black school jumper or cardigan as the Main hall can get chilly and sitting still for 2 hours they will need to keep warm and comfortable!
  • Please encourage your son/daughter to get enough SLEEP, so they are fresh and ready for their exams everyday.
  • Also try to encourage them to eat healthly and drink plenty of water, in order to provide them with the energy they will need to work at their best, all week.
  • Your son/daughter has received a copy of the mock exam timetable but their is also one for you to see on the link below.
  • It is crucial your son/daughter attends all of their mock examinations so please support us by sending them in everyday.


Year 11 Mock Timetable – November 2014 


If you have any questions regarding the above information please contact your child’s tutor or myself

Yours faithfully


B Woodall-Jones

Head of Year 11