Year 11 Mock Exams – February 2015

Dear Parents/Guardians


I wanted to make you aware that your child will be partaking in their Mock examinations from Monday 23rd February 2015 for approximately one and a half weeks.  Please see the timetable attached below, which will help you support your son/daughter with revision appropriate to the exams that they will be taking.


All Year 11 students have been told to create a revision folder where all their revision can be stored centrally.  Folders, plastic wallets and dividers are available in school should they need them. This folder should be a focus for them over these next few months as effective revision is crucial in order for them to be best prepared for their examinations.


Revision material for all of their subject areas is available on the schools’ website and their teachers have made them aware of additional sites that are of use to them.  Please do help support your child by providing a calm, quiet place at home for them to revise and creating a revision timetable.  All Year 11 students should be spending at least 2 hours per night on additional learning, in order to strengthen their knowledge across all of their subject areas.


Please do not hesitate to contact myself should you have any questions about the above information or any other query regarding your son/daughter in Year 11.


Yours sincerly



Bethan Woodall-Jones

Head of Year 11


Year 11 Mock Exam Timetable – February 2015