Big Cookathon 2015

Cookathon 2015Scores of people chopped, stirred and diced their way to a speedy biryani dish in a day-long Cookathon at Admiral Lord Nelson School.


The Cookathon aimed to teach people how to cook a healthy, quick and easy recipe using fresh food.


As part of the Children’s Food Trust BIG Cookathon 2015, during lesson time, year 8 and 9 Food Technology students worked in pairs to develop their cooking skills and make ‘Speedy Biryani’.

Each pair was given a set of ingredients (provided by Hamilton’s) and created the curry dish, which they then got to sit down and enjoy together at the end of the lesson.

Afterschool, year 7 students also had the opportunity to come together and take part in the Cookathon. Work stations were set up so that students had the opportunity to be involved in both the preparation and cooking of ingredients. Key skills were demonstrated by both ALNS staff and our GCSE food technology students.


Once the dish was prepared, staff, students and parents were able to come together to enjoy eating the healthy dish together.


Big CookathonThe Cookathon proved to be a huge success with nearly 200 people taking part.


Many thanks to Hamilton’s for providing not only the ingredients but also their time to organise and support the event. Also, a big thanks to all staff who offered their assistance throughout the day.