PD Visit to Gunwharf

Bowlplex 10 March 2015The students involved in the Broadside Intervention area took part in their 4th PD Day visit of the year on Tuesday 10th March.


Students selected a trip to Gunwharf Quays, and helped with the arrangements for the trip to take place.  During the day they were allowed some independent time to enjoy the shops and facilities in Gunwharf, and this was followed by a visit to the cinema.  Students enjoyed ‘Big Hero 6’ (although some of them didn’t want to admit it!) and following this viewing we ventured to Bowlplex to enjoy the challenge of a game of ten-pin bowling.  This was an enjoyable activity where some students (and staff!) showed their competitive instincts – well done to Millie for winning!


This enjoyable trip was very well attended by students and they should be proud of their successes in contributing fully to a very positive day.