Sports Day – Tuesday 10.03.15

Winter Sports DayStudents should wear the correct PE kit to school on the day.


They can wear tracksuit bottoms and the school sweatshirt for warmth NOT a tracksuit top – especially hoodies.  Shorts must be black or they can wear black or navy tracksuit bottoms.  No alternative!!  Socks should also be black – normal PE kit rules apply – only the top changes!!


The only difference is they will wear a top the same colour as their house colour;

Caen – PURPLE A & N               Duisberg – Blue E & L

Sydney – Black H & V                Haifa – White S & O


These tops are not vest tops or hoodies.  If they do not have a top then they are to wear their PE kit.  There are no changing facilities available so they must come in fully prepared.


All students should have written permission to go off school site if the activity they choose is off-site. No signature from a parent means they will have to choose an activity that takes place on school site. 



They should bring boots and shin pads if they think they may choose football (all years) and shin pads if they wish to play hockey (all years).


The timings for the day are as follows,

AM REG – 8.25 – 9.10 – QUIZ (45MIN)

HOUSE ASSEMBLIES – 9.10 – 10AM                                                                                                                                                          (50 MIN)

BREAK – 10.00 – 10.20    (20 MIN)

ACTIVITY NO. 1 – GO STRAIGHT TO MEETING POINTS FOR THAT ACTIVITY  – 10.20 – 12.10                                 (1 HR 50MIN)

LUNCH – 12.10 – 12.50   (40 MIN)

PM REG – 12.50 – 1.00PM  (10 MIN)

ACTIVITY NO. 2 – GO STRAIGHT TO MEETING POINTS FOR THAT ACTIVITY            1.00 – 2.50PM                                          (1HR 50MIN)

**students will be informed of where to go for the start of their chosen activity, on the day**

Finish and dismiss from activity at 2.50pm


Choice of activities are;

Boys Football – am & pm options.           11 a-side.             Girls football – am 9 & 10, pm 7&8.  6 a-side

Cross Country – am & pm options, boys & girls.

Basketball – am & pm options, boys & girls.      Gymnastics – am & pm options, boys & girls.

Dance – am & pm options, boys & girls.           Table tennis – am & pm options, boys & girls.

Netball – am yr 7&8, pm yr 9&10.         7 a-side.      Hockey – am yr 9&10, pm yr 7&8. 8 a-side.

There are points awarded for those in the perfect & correct kit – and points make winners – every little helps J