Gambia Trip 2015

Gambia 2015We’ve just got back from another fantastic trip to the Gambia. We took 35 students and 5 staff. It was over 40 degrees on occasions but that didn’t put the students off throwing themselves into the activities each day with enthusiasm.


We visited our two sponsored schools and it was amazing to see how much difference our non-uniform money has been making. At Daral Akram Orphan school the classrooms are now fully furnished and decorated. We spent a morning there running a mini playscheme again which their children loved.


At Kabafita Upper Basic school they have now completed the building of the Science Lab in memory of Nick Ponsford and now we need to paint, furnish and equip the lab as soon as possible so the staff and students can make use of it. Our students danced, played a football match and tie-dyed t-shirts with our partners at KUBS.


Gambia 2015We also spent at day at Mansa Colley Bojang School in Jalangbang where our students had a volunteer experience day in the classrooms with children, painting roundabouts, designing and painting a mural, learning to cook Gambian food and doing building work!


So far this year we have raised £1,800 for our Gambian schools. Thank you all so much for all your help and contributions. I’d especially like to thank Mrs Bulloch for her mosquito net appeal and her friends, the staff and students who raised enough money for over 80 lifesaving nets which we distributed to villages off the beaten track who had not met tourists before!


Thank you Mucki and all our friends in The Gambia for making it all possible!


Gambia 2015