Keeping Safe Online – Important Message

Dear Parent


Thank you for your ongoing efforts to keep your child safe online.

However, we have just been made aware by the Police of a growing number of our young people who are be-friending strangers on Social Networking sites.  This has led to some of our young people being propositioned inappropriately and being requested to meet up.  It goes without saying that they are putting themselves at great risk.


Additionally, we have also been informed that the latest ‘trick’ is for strangers to create a profile very similiar to that of one of their friends but with one letter missing from their atcual name.  Young people are then accepting them as friends as they think that this was a typing error.


I am sure many of you are fully aware of the issues around online safety, however, young people tend to take risks despite often being told what the right thing to do is.


I would encourage you to find the time to check that your child is taking appropriate steps to keep themselves safe and checking with them who they have as online friends.


If you require any further information about keeping your child safe online, please can I refer you to this excellent website:


Mr M Hutton

Associate Deputy: Student Achievement and Wellbeing


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