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Art Workshops

ArtWorkshopOn the first two periods of an otherwise normal Monday morning, a class of year nine students were selected to take part in a couple of workshops hosted by students studying various artistic subjects. After introductions, the group was split in two and each half was given a lesson to complete each activity. Firstly, we focused on a session hosted by a pair of women who were both studying animation. We were able to ask any questions about their subjects and they showed us their sketchbooks and art work. Our task then was to create a character using any materials available (magazines, ink, paint, pens, pencil, pastels) with any technique on the base of a deconstructed box. We were encouraged to be as crazy and creative as possible.

For the next lesson we moved onto photography. The two photography students gave us a brief overview of their courses and showed us some of their previous photographs and explained the concepts behind them. Next we were given a quick run-through of how to use the professional cameras then taken outside to have a go with using them. Our goal was to take photos of anything abstract that caught our eye and to try and keep everything in focus, which turned out to be pretty difficult.


Overall the work shop was very beneficial to those who are considering continuing to studying art when they chose their options or even after they leave school. It gave the students an opportunity to see different aspects to art that normally wouldn’t be studied at school and allow them to appreciate the variety the subject has to offer.