Great News from The Gambia

Science MemorialPlease read below the good news from our sponsored secondary school in The Gambia.  The last non-uniform day money will be going to complete the science lab and provide equipment.

It is fantastic that we have helped them transform the school and be so successful.

Thank you once again for all your support – we really do make a difference!


Madam Debbie,

I wish to express my sincere and profound gratitude to you and the entire staff and students of ALN’S for the great support you are giving the school Kabafita.

I hope you and the team have arrived home safely and that there was no trouble.

For your information,we have received the money from Mr. Mucki and it amounted to GMD45,000.00. We are now working on the concrete slaps and it is almost completed. We are happy to report that everything about the project is going on perfectly well.

However, there is good news that I would like to share with you and Sue. I have been promoted to the position of a category 3 principals which is the apex in the level of the principals. My Vice Principal has also been promoted to more senior position with 4 other teachers. The school Kabafita shall be upgraded to a senior secondary category in September and we will then be able to admit students into grade 10 class.

All these positive developments are possible due to the support you have given during all those years. We want to thank you all for the effort and sacrifice.

Finally extend my sincere thanks to Madam Sue and the rest of the team of teachers who came on the trip. We hope they enjoyed every moment of the trip.

Principle Kabafita.