History Trip to Krakow in Poland

Poland 2015 1At 4am on Monday the 6th April, 34 excited students and 4 sleepy staff members left Admiral Lord Nelson for Krakow in Poland to support their GCSE history studies.


Arriving in snow we immediately set out for some city culture and took in the Castle and the overview of this beautiful and historic city. Meeting our guide gave the students further insight into its incredible history and set them up for the following day’s visits.


An amazing experience at Auschwitz followed which was certainly one of the highlights of the tour. The students got to experience how tragic the holocaust was and how devastating life inside the camp would have been for its inmates.

The following day we reinforced this experience with a talk from a wonderful lady who had survived Auschwitz as a child. Her recollections were truly memorable and her ability to have put this tragic event aside and moved on to a successful future was truly awe inspiring. Other memorable visits of the trip was Schindler’s factory which created a timeline of events of the Nazi regime.


Poland 2015 2We also managed to have some fun with a visit to the world renowned Salt Mines where the students had a fascination for “licking the walls” and a folk evening where we managed to get most of the students dancing.


Our students were amazing and a real pleasure to be with. According to our guide they were a real credit to our school.


Thank you to Miss House, Mr Fenner and Mr Johnson for helping make the trip memorable.