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Strange news today, Monday 6th July 2015, from the Large Hadron Collider experiment at CERN, Geneva. Scientists are reporting very high-energy collision events in the LHC detectors when the particle beams are switched off! The Director General of CERN has described everyone as ‘excited but baffled’.


Later today CERN has promised to release their first data set to the world community and are inviting scientists world wide to work on the meaning of the mystery.


No translation of the signal has yet been made and as a result of this the particle physicists will release their data in stages to registered members of the public at 10am daily from 6th-10th July 2015.


Can you help #BreakTheCode ?


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To set the scene here is a sample signal for you to have a go at it consists of a modulated radio wave labelled as 1 for a period of high amplitude and 0 for low amplitude (we will give you more detail of the signal in the real challenge but for the moment what message is lurking in here?). The signal has long periods of 10,10,10 but then changes for a period to






Can you work out what the aliens are trying to communicate? (Hint, it has something to do with Maths…). Find the answer and explanation here.


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If you are interested, please see Mrs Ramsey in Science 8.