Year 6 Students and Parents Welcome

InductionDay6 JULY & 7 JULY:

Year 6 Induction Days


On July 6th and 7th 2015 we will be welcoming our new Year 7 students for their induction days. These days are designed to give the Year 6 students a taster of the exciting challenges ahead for them. During the 2 days they will have the opportunity to undertake a tour of the school and become familiar with our break and lunchtime routines.  They will meet their tutor group and take part in a year assembly.  You will experience moving around the school and attending a variety of lessons with your new teachers.  This is a valuable experience for all students.




Year 6 Parents Evening


On the evening of July 9th 2015 we have our Year 6 Parents’ evening – this is an opportunity for parents to meet key members of staff who will help guide their child through their 5 year journey here at ALNS. Parents will also meet their child’s Head of Year and new tutor. During the evening the ethos of the school is shared as well some logistical information such as timetables. Uniform suppliers are also on hand and we do a mini fashion show.