Globe Theatre Trip

On Friday 10th July, I went to the Globe Theatre in London. This trip was amazing. Even though I thought it would be boring, it was actually decent and I’m glad I went. We left school at 8:30 and we had an eventful, two hour journey to London. We started singing songs, even Miss Freathy joined in.

Globe 2015When we got there we had a 5 minute walk to get to the Globe Theatre. As we got to the entrance, our tour guide told us about the Globe. Our tour guide was also an actor at the Globe theatre. He had a very strong voice and was very loud. He taught us how to speak loudly without shouting.

The Globe we visited was the third Globe to be built. The first Globe theatre was built in 1599 and the second one was built in 1614. The Globe theatre is based in London and is right near the River Thames. The Globe was associated with William Shakespeare. When we went inside they were rehearsing for a play later that day.

In the afternoon we looked around the museum. There were some actors being taught how to sword fight. Then we had an even better two and a half hour journey back with traffic so we started singing songs again. Then we got back to the school at approximately 5:00.


Caine Silk