Prepare for Camp – PD Day

CampYesterday was so fun because there was lots of different; activities during lesson 1 we made a banner and that was good because we all joined in and wrote our names on the banner and personalised it for our tutor group ready to take on camp. Next we went down to drama and played lots of team building games together, Mr Gray joined in.  After break we did orienteering and that was one of the best activities because we got to be outside.  We got lost and worked together as a team to find all the clues.  After that we had bridge building which was good fun; we had to use our imagination to create a bridge that held a weight. Then we went outside for the afternoon and had to compete against the other tutor groups and their tutors. We played “It’s a Knockout” and had to dress in silly clothes and run an assault course.  Finally and the highlight of the day was the team co-operation section.  We had to work together to pass water in plastic cups between the whole tutor group and pour it into a measuring jug.  My favourite bit was when I got to soak Mr Gray.  The day has made me look forward to camp and I can’t wait!