Year 8 Camp 2015

Year 8 Camp. How do I even begin to describe the three days of utter fun that make up Year 8 Camp. It was amazing! The activities and games we took part in really made camp so much fun.


Y8 Camp 2015On Wednesday, the 1st of July, E,L,S and O set off from school, with bags full to the brim, to Tile Barn Centre in the New Forest. When we arrived there was a lot of hustle and bustle of sorting out everyone’s bags into the correct tents and getting settled in. After that we played some games, had dinner, played capture the flag, had hot chocolate and went to bed. It was a very busy, but exciting first day. Thursday was the day of the dreaded 10 mile walk, which everyone was looking forward to in their own way. Trust me, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Our adventure started with a poo fight. As disgusting as it might sound, it was actually quite enjoyable. Throwing dried horse poo at one another can really build some strong friendships. From there it was a seemingly endless transition of stream to land again and again and again. Thankfully, when we arrived back at camp the showers were empty, ready for us to wash and refresh ourselves after our trek through the forest. Once everyone had showered we had some free time to sit, relax or play some games with the other students. Soon enough, it was the evening and much like the last night we played capture the flag, had our hot chocolate and went to bed. Friday brought a vast range of team building games and challenges to conquer. We also had our first sports rotation in which we played multiple sports against the other tutors. However, everyone was very excited about the evening’s entertainment… The talent show!! There were multiple musical acts including The Toenail Sisters and many more. But it was also very informative. We learnt how to make the perfect camp sandwich with Miss Freathy, with a difference. Instead of her own arms, they were replaced by Mr Brown’s! The delicious sandwich included jam, crisps, eggs and tomatoes. Yum! It was in my opinion, the best day of camp. Sadly, Saturday came far too quickly and the time to go home was was dawning upon us. Before we did travel home, there was enough time for some more team games and free time at camp. From there, we left camp.


It is definitely my favourite trip so far because you see a side to other students and teachers that you had never seen before. I would go every year if I could and every second of it was fun. Thank you for reading.


Bethany Harckham-Edwards