Sports Hall Refurbishment

Sports HallOver the summer holidays the school has made improvements to its facilities.  One of which is the sports hall. 


The sports hall underwent a total refurbishment with new flooring, freshly painted walls and a total re-lamp.  Out went the old green flooring and in went a vibrant blue floor.  It is envisaged that the newly finished room will add a positive experience to the teaching and learning environment of the school. 


Head of PE Sarah Cooper has said

“I’m extremely pleased to come into my new post with such a wonderful facility for me and my team, we can’t wait to get started.  We feel very positive for this coming year and have already set up new clubs for both before and after school”


In addition to the school curriculum, we are hoping that the newly refurbished facility will increase the community use for those organisations and clubs outside of the school.  To hire any of the school facilities please contact Steve Johnson on 023 9236 4536 or [email protected]


Sports Hall in Progress 1  Sports Hall in Progress 2  Sports Hall in Progress 3