Young Green Briton

I won the Young Green Briton of the Year competition by writing about green energy.

The prize was great as my family and I got the chance to go to the WOMAD festival and hear music from all over the world. I was excited as I believe we should look after this earth, its the only one we’ve got!

It was nerve-racking as I had to speak onstage about these issues and answer questions from an audience of hundreds of people.

Some of the questions were really hard as I had no idea what anyone was going to ask me. I spoke a little about how green issues should be part of everyday life especially for children who can just explore the world around them.

I was mentored by Dale Vince, the owner of green energy company, Ecotricity, who provide electricity by solar and wind farms.

Green energy isn’t just good for the environment its good for the economy too because we can be self sufficient

I’d much rather have a wind farm near my house in Portsmouth than have an oil refinery or fracking.