CSI Day 2015We have formed our own CSI team with Year 8.  Students were met Friday morning with police tape and Forensic scientists to solve the mystery of ‘Who killed Mr Hutton’ (who was conveniently in Paris and out of the way!).


They had to solve the crime using various scientific techniques throughout the day, such as DNA matching, footprint and fingerprint analysis and blood spatter comparisons.  All evidence was recorded and a final decision was made over which member of teaching staff could have committed this atrocious crime.


The students were incredible on the day; there was a real buzz and they were all involved to ensure justice would be served.  This gave them the opportunity to see how science is used in the real world, an idea of careers and lots of team work. 


Thankfully, the scenario was fictional and enhanced by the excellent amateur dramatic skills of Mr Hutton and Mrs Gregory.  Thanks to everyone involved!