ALNS Bake Off

Bake Off 1On the 18th of November a small group of students from years 8-10 competed in a ‘mini bake-off’ to create the most visually appealing Swiss Roll. The students had spent three weeks developing and practising their design ideas.


Parents, staff and students were invited down to vote for their favourite designs which saw Mia Middleton awarded our baking champion.


During the workshops the students discovered the value of practising their ideas and developing their designs to improve on areas that didn’t turn out as they envisioned them or they identified ways to push themselves to the next level.


‘I have learnt not to judge the result before you see the final product, it can still work out well.’ Jordan Moore


‘I have really enjoyed the bake-off. On the practise day my dye went a funny colour so I knew I had to change it. I also changed the amount of filling because the first time I used too much.’ Eloise Perryman


While Mia Middleton’s well thought-out Christmas design won the overall votes for the evening, Eloise Perryman was close behind with comments on the overall appearance and prettiness of her strawberry design.


For taste appeal, Darby-Grace Cookson was noted for her marshmallow, chocolate and Oreo roll.


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