New Zig-Zag Markings

LinesIn the spirit of continually finding ways to improve our school environment to keep students safe we have recently added Zig-Zag Markings on the approach to the crossing in front of our main entrance. This was in response to several people reporting that visibility is considerably reduced at this critical point. Obviously hundreds of our young people head out of school this way and we want to ensure that we do everything in our power to protect them. Thank you to those parents who have noticed the markings and resisted the temptation to put convenience over children’s safety. ALNS was designed with healthy living in mind and many of our students choose to travel to and from school  on foot or cycle. If you do need to collect or drop off your child by car then we would appreciate parking off-site in appropriate places along planned safe pedestrian routes leading away from the school. Thank you for your co-operation in helping us to create and manage a safe school for all.




Andy Richardson

Leader of School Continuity

Health and Safety Officer



Driver’s eye view of the improved visibility on the crossing without an obstruction.