What is INSET?

Science DepartmentWe have five INSET days throughout the year at ALNS, but what are INSET days?


INSET is short for InService Training, and gives teachers and support staff the opportunity for collaborative professional development that research has shown will really help children with their studies.


These five days do not affect the 190 days a year that children are required to attend school.  When the government introduced INSET days in 1988 they increased the number of days teachers had to work from 190 to 195 so that they wouldn’t have a negative impact on children’s progress.


At ALNS we have an excellent programme planned for all staff at every INSET.  For example at the next INSET day this Friday, staff will undertake sessions on Assessment and Standardisation as well as updating their statutory Health and Safety at School training; there will also be time spent on developing practice specific to the improvement needs of each team .  During a normal school day it’s very difficult to find time where all colleagues are free at the same time for this sort of collaborative training and development, so INSET days are a vital means of enabling us to keep improving as a school.