Students and Social Media

ALNS Facebook

Students using social media safely is a high priority for us all here at ALNS.  Unfortunately, it has been reported to the school that some of our young people have been involved in setting up or have joined special Facebook ‘burn’ pages that allow messages which are hurtful and include fabricated gossip, nasty in nature, to be posted anonymously.

This has been reported to Facebook and the Police who did previously threaten investigation and prosecution the last time there were similar pages created in Portsmouth.

We would urge all parents to ensure that their child is not part of one of these groups for their own safety and also to ensure that they are not involved or associated with any bullying or harm caused to others. Please don’t forget that only children aged 13 or over should have a Facebook account, to comply with Facebook’s own age restrictions.

For further information about how to keep your child safe please visit the following link;


Thank you for your continued support of your child by ensuring that their online behaviour is appropriate and safe.

Should you wish to speak to someone about this matter please contact your child’s Head of Year in the first instance.


Kind regards,

Matt Hutton

Deputy Headteacher