Year 8 Taster Day: Archaeology, Nanotechnology and Medicine

Year 8 Challenge Club students got the opportunity to experience new subjects and activities at Southampton University’s taster day.  The sessions encouraged students to think about links between their school subjects and different courses offered by the university and how these might lead on to jobs and careers in the future. 


Taster DayWe examined everything from pottery to sheep teeth in archaeology, looking at how different ancient objects can give clues about different civilisations and cultures.   We explored some of the ways in which people lived in ancient times looking at key artefacts which had been found by PhD students. 


In Nanotechnology, students learned about the range of measurements used to describe different items.  They considered nanotechnology in relation to different developments in media and technology.  Students looked at a variety of items which can on by measured in micrometers and nanometers using 3D glasses to get their own perspective on this interesting side of science! 


Medicine was a hands on session with stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, eye glasses and cardio equipment.  Students took part in a carousel of activities which showed them some of the different areas of specialism within medicine.  Frazer won his own stethoscope in the medical quiz!