Primary Challenge Club – Chinese New Year

ChineseNewYearOn Monday afternoon primary students are once again coming into school as part of Challenge Club. They will be in the Drama Studios doing an afternoon of Creative activities around the Chinese New Year working with our Year 7 Challenge Club members:


“This challenge club will have a creative theme using a topical Chinese New Year as the inspiration.   We will be looking at a traditional Chinese story and devising a play with a supporting musical soundtrack in two groups.   Some of our Year 7 students who have been learning Chinese traditional music this half term in lessons will work with the groups to help them devise and perform their plays.  The students will perform on stage at the end. 



We’ll be looking at four traditional  characters used in Chinese theatre.  The students can either work out a mime with narration or devise a short script for their performance. 



The students will create a soundtrack using ostinato patterns on the pentatonic scale, arranged in layers.  They will add percussive effects (gongs and bells) and work out where to fit music to the key parts of the story and enhance the mood of the play.  Students will use keyboards and tuned percussion. 



The students will also decorate masks for their performance using traditional designs and colours for the characters”.