Vaccinate your pet and get £5 for ALNS!

Why should I vaccinate my pet?
Because prevention is better than cure.

There are lots of nasty diseases out there that pets can catch and vaccinations are the best way to protect your pet from some of the worst ones. For pets who haven’t been vaccinated in the last year, they will need a primary vaccination course to get their protection started. After the primary vaccination course, your pet will then need to be vaccinated every year to keep up the protection against the diseases. We often call this a booster vaccination as it boosts your pet’s immunity. It is not necessary to vaccinate against every disease every year, but all pets require a vaccination against at least some diseases every year. Your vet will choose the best protocol in line with your pet’s health, local disease prevalence, and the most up to date professional guidelines.

At Companion Care Vets your pet will also receive a full health-assessment at every vaccination appointment. Our friendly vets carry out a thorough head to paw assessment and answer any questions you may have.


Simply present this voucher (click here to open) at your vaccination appointment and Companion Care will donate £5 to help support your school.