RRSA Visit to Manor Infant School – 20 January

On the 4th November 2015 Chloe Cornish and Lubna Saleem visited Manor Infant School to meet with the deputy head teacher, Mrs E. Cornish, to discuss dates that would be convenient for the RRSA Committee to visit the children. The first date decided upon was the 20th January 2016.



Manor InfantsOn the 20th January 2016, Amber Ducane, Megan Hanson, Chloe Cornish, Lubna Saleem, Charlotte Squibb and Bethany Smith visited Manor Infant School to promote helping, kindness and sharing to the reception students. This is to help the school achieve the level two Rights Respecting School Award.



When we arrived we were welcomed by Mrs E. Cornish who led us to the Pufferfish Class, reception. Firstly, we introduced ourselves to all of the children and explained why we were then. We started by watching clips from Dora the Explorer and explaining to the children alternative solutions to the problems they faced in the clips. The children were all very enthusiastic and many participated when asked questions. After this, we gave the children colouring sheets and talked to them about how we need to help people and how it’s important to be kind and share.  The colouring sheets where of Dora the Explorer and Superheroes. We talked to the children about why the superheroes are good role models and how we must help people like Dora the Explorer does. After this the children got into groups in tables – each group had a RRSA Committee Ambassador who supervised the children and helped them to develop there golden rules they were creating. The children came up with their own golden rules and all participated in helping. We packed up and said goodbye to the children. Overall, the trip was very beneficial for us and for the children.