RRSA ambassadors visited Wildern School

Wildern VisitOn the 13th of April 2016 our RRSA ambassadors visited Wildern School for various activities, all to do with the rights.  During this visit we met Nelson Mandela’s niece and she talked to us about the Nelson Mandela museum.  We also had the opportunity to ask her questions. 


We all mixed up with other schools to make groups.  In these groups we got into circles and faced the outside.  We were then read statements and we had to put our thumbs up if we agreed with the statement and our thumbs down if we disagreed.  The statements were all about immigration and in the end we had a discussion about why we made these decisions.  The other activities we took part in were charades with problems that asylum seekers might face. 


At the end when everyone else had left we spoke to the ambassadors of Wildern School about what we could do to help us reach our Level 2 and we got some very good advice.  Overall this was a successful trip.