Tombstoning – Preventing Injuries and Deaths

Please read this update on preventing injuries and deaths from “tombstoning” (jumping off high levels into the sea) this summer.


Pier Jumping NEW 08 002Portsmouth City Council have asked us to bring to your attention that concerns of tombstoning have been widely reported to them by members of the public and local councillors to the extent that these are now safety priorities for the Summer. Community Wardens will be working closely with Police and partner agencies to help prevent and stop injury through tombstoning and the antisocial behaviour associated to it.


Maritime Coastal Agency also has a tombstoning page which features fatality and injury statistics. This also has an injury survivor case study and link to the high impact radio filler on the dangers of tombstoning:


As part of the tombstoning campaign the young person who was paralysed in Southsea on May 2008 has agreed his picture can be used in the campaign.


Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents also provide some useful information:


Community Wardens will be stopping young people seen tombstoning and taking names and address to write and visit parents if necessary. Young people who continue to breach the byelaws in relation to this matter could be subject to acceptable behaviour contracts or considered for legal action to prevent injury or harm being caused.


Please can we keep ourselves and each other safe this Summer.