Work Experience – 3rd July to 14th July 2017

WorkExpYear 10 students are beginning the process of securing Work Placements for July 2017.  Students and Parents attended launch events which ran on 16th and 17th November in school where the work placement form and information booklet were issued.  All students in Year 10 are required to participate in this important opportunity. 


Why do Work Experience?

Work experience helps learners understand and develop the employability skills and positive ‘can-do’ attitude employers are looking for. For many learners it helps them understand their own strengths, and areas for development, it builds confidence in handling new situations and in working within a team of adults. It helps young people connect their education with their future working lives and provides real opportunities to become clearer about their future career options.

Many students gain a valuable experience through work experience which allows them to develop their employability skills and ‘blossom’ in such an environment, finding new reserves of initiative and maturity. They clearly develop a sense of the demands of the workplace and working life, and some may indeed continue in such jobs when they leave school. Often such jobs will link them to further educational and vocational qualifications.


Ref: CDI – Why Does Employer Engagement Matter?  September 2014

Tips for securing a work placement ……………..

·         Speak with family and family friends about work placement opportunities

·         Use to locate businesses in specific job sectors that you can contact within a certain radius

·         Contact employers early particularly if you are interested in Sport, IT, Working with Animals


Please contact Mrs Etherington 02392 364536 if you have any concerns or questions regarding Work Placements.