Quintessential Recital

QuintessentialChallenge club students in Years 7-9 enjoyed a special performance at school as part of ‘Live Music Portsmouth’ from ensemble ‘Quintessential’, a group of professional artists.


The concert started with some well-known TV and film themes, played by the whole group and then followed a fantastic programme of music including a mixture classical, popular and jazz styles.  Each instrumentalist showed the students some of the techniques and special effects that could be produced on their instrument and each played a solo piece which showed off their impressive skills. The performers also encouraged students to join in with different activities throughout the event even asking a student to perform with them for a number.


Students were excited to join in and had lots of questions by the end which they had the opportunity to ask by chatting to the performers in groups. The whole afternoon was extremely enjoyable and informative. Our thanks to the Portsmouth Music Hub for organising the event.