ALNS at Headteachers Conference

HT ConferenceOn Thursday 19th January we were invited to present at a Headteachers conference in Christchurch. ALNS was asked as a result of our amazing Challenge Partners Review back in September when the visitors agreed that our Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural education of students was truly outstanding and a real area of excellence. One of the Headteachers who did the review was particularly interested in our work with UNICEF and becoming a Rights Respecting School.


We were asked to talk about becoming a Level 2 Rights Respecting School and all the great work that takes place at ALNS. As we are now true ambassadors of the UNCRC we were very excited to go and talk about it.


Charlotte Coqueral and Ella Fitzgerald came with me to the hotel in Christchurch where we delivered a talk and a workshop all about the UNCRC, what it is, why it matters and talked about what we do so well at ALNS. The 2 students answered questions and helped to run some of the activities, it was a real challenge for the Headteachers to work out which rights were real and which we had made up ourselves but they did it the end!


Lots of the schools had started on their journeys already and some were hearing all about the UNCRC for the first time so we answered a wide range of questions and could offer lots of support and ideas for them to take back to their schools. It was a great afternoon and we felt a real sense of achievement when we stood back and watched a room full of educational leaders reading the rights of children to each other and feeling as strongly as we do at ALNS about being a Rights Respecting School.