Currys Photo Competiton – January Top Ten

The top 10 photos for January’s Currys photo competiton have been chosen.

“This month’s pictures were so hard to choose from the level and techniques being used show the students have some great talent, thinking about their subject matter and how to construct and frame their shot. Looking forward to February’s pictures.”

The photographs will soon appear in the mall on display, and you can see digital copies below.  


Well done to the following students for making the top ten!

  • Chelsea Abery
  • Kate Surawy x2
  • Samira Collins
  • Izzie Jordan Evans
  • Kirsty Powell
  • Ruby Moffatt
  • Tillie May Lambert
  • Wesley Baker
  • Tegan Hide


Tegan Hide

9Kate Surawy

Ruby Moffatt16

5Chelsea ABERY

9Samira Collins

11Kate Surawy


Kirsty Powel3

Tilley May Lambert3

Wesley BAKER10