Personal Development Day 5

Personal Development Days at ALNS provide an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in learning activities for a whole day and covers themes that are not necessarily addressed in subject areas of the curriculum.  PD Day 5 was no exception with students from all year groups involved in a wide range of activities, both in and out of school and abroad.

Year 7 – Conflict and Resolution

For Year 7 Conflict and Resolution Day, students have looked at topics including Anti-Bullying, resolving conflict in teams, hate crime, and also had a session on Prevent, which is part of the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy.

Head of Key Stage 3 Katie Holness commented “Today gives Year 7 students a fabulous opportunity to develop their understanding of all forms of conflict and resolution, from bullying all the way up to international conflicts.”


Year 8 – The World at War

Sub 1With more than 50 students travelling to Ypres, Belgium, on the annual trip to support their studies of World War One (full trip write up coming soon), half of the remaining Year 8 students have completed activities in school while the other half have visited the Royal Navy Submarine Museum (pictured) – plus the newly opened ‘Explosion!’.

Those students remaining in school have completed sessions in research, letter writing, poetry and drama, and have also been treated to a performance by Rupert Mason of Mr Owen’s Pocket Book, which recounts the life and final hours of war poet Wilfred Owen.

Tomorrow, students who have been in school today will visit the Submarine Museum and Explosion!.

 At Explosion!, the story of naval warfare is told in dramatic style, in an interactive museum housed in the Royal Navy’s former Ordnance Depot at Priddy’s Hard.   The Submarine Museum’s main attraction is HMS Alliance, the UK’s only surviving walk through WW2 era submarine and the memorial to 5,300 British submariners who have given their lives in service.


Year 9 – Stock Market Challenge

Stocks1The Stock Market Challenge gives Year 9 students the chance to become a trader for the day, tracking, buying and selling shares over the course of a virtual week (one day per lesson) and also reacting to the market.  The sessions give students an insight into the way business news is reported in the media and demands the ability to analyse information quickly and accurately.  The Stock Market Challenge is about the experience of trading but more importantly it is about using and developing skills, the most important of which is teamwork.

“The Stock Market Challenge is an exciting, rewarding and competitive activity that gives our students the chance to trade like brokers do on trading floors and online all over the world every day.”
Claire Parsons, Director of Mathematics and Leader of the Stock Market Challenge Day


Year 10 – Design Trip and Enterprise Challenge

A coach full of Design students have visited Brighton today.  As part of their studies, students must complete observational studies of a location, and Brighton is a fantastic destination for this purpose.  Students have visited the Pavilion, and also the Brighton Museum, located at the heart of the city’s cultural quarter.

Students in school have been taking part in an enterprise challenge, designing their own chocolate brand.  Working in teams, students have designed their own chocolates and packaging, worked out the costs of production and also create a marketing campaign including a TV advert. The winning team will get their chocolates produced over half term by local chocolatier Chocablock Limited.

The GCSE Food students also completed a session based on developing a range of new skills and techniques, in order to improve and develop their food presentation skills (pictured, below left). Students were given a range of ingredients to choose from and worked in pairs to plan, prepare and cook their dishes.

“I was extremely impressed by the creativity shown and the professional finish of their dishes and the guest judges had a hard decision to make when deciding on the top three from each GCSE group.” Mrs Lisa Martin




Year 11 – Science, MFL and ECDL

Year 11 students are spending today focussing on specific GCSE subjects, with time for English, Maths and ECDL tomorrow.  Head of Key Stage Four, Bethan Woodall Jones commented “This is a fantastic opportunity for students to spend some dedicated time with specialist Science, Languages and Computing staff, at a very important time in their education.”