Primary Challenge Club

Primary Challenge Club has been busy this term with two events at ALNS.  The first one was a creative focus for the students on the theme of Chinese New Year.  Challenge club students in Year 7 and 8 devised a practical project for our primary students using a traditional story from Chinese drama ‘The Butterfly Lovers’ – a tragic tale of love and death.  Students learned the key characters used in Chinese drama and the acting techniques, colours and costumes associated with them.  They created masks and Chinese lanterns to use in their performance and devised a play to be mimed to the narration of the story. 


LeversThe Year 7 students who had been recently been learning about Asian instruments and musical styles in their music lessons, also created a pentatonic soundtrack for the play to enhance the mood and storytelling. 


The students showed confidence and creativity in the challenge, producing a fantastic performance for their parents and teachers. 


Our second event was run by the STEM club, exploring a range of ideas around pulleys, levers and resistance.  The afternoon included a circuit of different practical activities including making catapults, testing friction and working pulleys and levers.   The event concluded with a bridge building competition.  


The Year 8 STEM club students showed excellent leadership skills and communicated brilliantly with the primary school children.  Congratulations to all the students involved!