Portsmouth University Mentoring Celebration Event: Wednesday 3rd May 2017

A number of Year 10 students have been attending mentoring sessions held in school with Ambassadors from Portsmouth University. The course is run over 10 weeks and covers a variety of subject including revision skills, preparing for work experience, interview skills, options available at University.  Students are very fortunate living on the south coast to have a number of Universities to choose from if they decide to follow this route at 18. 

The celebration event at Portsmouth University started the day with a welcome and introduction to the day in one of the largest lecture theatre’s at the University where they had a taster of how lectures are delivered and took part in an ‘Exam Revision – Top 10 Tips’ lecture full of useful advice and tips.  Students were then tasked with creating a revision booklet ‘Study Smarter not Harder’ with their mentor aimed at Year 10 and 11 students which included a seminar delivered by Nick Austin (a former student of Portsmouth University) who went on to set up his own business which was the number 1 toy manufacturer of toys in the UK – Thunderbirds, Care Bears, Pop star dolls, Moshi Monster toys to name just a few.  Students were given the opportunity to ask Nick a number of questions which they incorporated into their leaflet.  After lunch students created a short video on the benefits of Student Mentoring.

Well done to all those students involved.