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Teen Tech Event

Ten Year 8 students attended the annual Teen Tech event at Portsmouth Guildhall on Thursday 18th May 2017. The Teen Tech event is an award winning insight into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths industries which allows the students to take part in practical challenges, intriguing encounters and explore different industries and career possibilities. The event was hosted by Maggie Philbin, Teen Tech Founder and Bang goes the Theory presenter. A total of 16 teams from a variety of schools attended the event along with 27 Exhibiters from STEM industries.

The day started with the students having their first challenge – to draw their impression of a Scientist! Maggie was impressed with the fact that over the few years of hosting the event, the number of students drawing female scientists has increased. The students were then given the chance to give their honest opinions on a variety of questions about STEM careers by using electronic voting buttons with the conclusions appearing on a gigantic screen for everyone to see.

All of the students then commenced with the other activities of the day, moving around the Guildhall to take part in the exhibitions. The schools were split into three different groups and did a round robin of the three areas to be covered; the Innovation Zone, Insight Zone and Challenge Zone.  We started with the activity in the Innovation Zone. The students were given a limited amount of time to come up with a useful invention, design it and draw it, then present to the other schools and  Event organizers. Our students had assistance from a STEM Ambassador assigned to our school and came up with the idea of a small portable projector which could project anything from the Internet onto any surface, big or small. The rest of the day the students were in the other two zones, meeting the exhibiters and taking part in the activities which included building a huge dome out of lengths of metal and screws. The teamwork was amazing; every student actively involved with lots of enthusiasm to complete the structure within the allotted time!

At the end of the afternoon, all the schools gathered once again in the main auditorium to bring the event to a conclusion. The electronic voting buttons were used once more, repeating the same questions from the morning. This time, however, the results showed much more knowledge and enthusiasm from all the students attending. I am sure the Teen Tech organizers were very pleased with the outcome.

Our Year 8 students were a credit to the school and had a very inspiring enjoyable day!