Duke of Edinburgh Qualifying Expedition

Following on from the successes of our practice expedition a few weeks back, a large number of year 10s marched their way across the South Downs and back again, in the hopes of passing the biggest and most important aspect of the DofE qualification: the expedition.

The weather was on our side as we set off on Saturday morning, beautiful cloudless skies complemented the stunning corn and wheat fields, although the sunny weather proved to be an obstacle of its own once the temperatures started rising, and water supplies started diminishing.

Nevertheless, the year 10s mustered their way through the first day’s walk, setting up camp by a warming fire and much needed toasted marshmallows whilst watching the sun go down.

Our return trip was just as hilly and sunny as the first, with a few welcomed cloudy moments. Once again our groups pushed through the pain and energy barriers to reach their final destination, where they were met by relieved guardians and thoroughly proud staff. All students had passed.

Although this is not the end of the DofE journey for the students, passing the qualifying expedition is the most challenging part of the course, so they can now take their feet off the peddles and relax a little, before finally completing their Volunteering, Skill learning, and Physical sections of the qualification and getting their hands on their thoroughly well-deserved award.