Lucy-Mae Roberts and Etta Seymour proudly represented ALNS at the Council of Portsmouth Students (CoPS) celebration event today. The day was to celebrate the amazing amount of Student Voice work that has taken place in schools and across the city this year. The theme of the day was Hollywood Movies and began with a walk down the red carpet in true Hollywood style. We listened to a range of guest speakers including the new Lord Mayor and our very own Mr Labedz. Representatives from the primary schools were also there which meant they all got to work together and talk whilst playing “Human Bingo.”

Rock clothing ran a fantastic anti-bullying workshop which got everyone involved. The keynote speaker was Stef Nienaltowski; the Director of Shaping Portsmouth who was inspirational as he spoke about why Portsmouth is such a fantastic city and how important student voice is for its future. The students then created “The Portsmouth Schools Aspirational Walk of Fame” where they each wrote down 5 key things that they want to achieve in their schools in the year ahead.

The key message of the day was that our young people need to be heard and their voice is powerful; “Be loud, be proud, challenge the world, ask questions, make change happen!”

We are really proud to be involved with UNLOC and COPS and being part of making change happen.