Travel Safety Concerns

Following a recent travel survey a significant number of parents felt that the school should consider a drive for students to wear bike helmets. We agreed. Many other schools have similar expectations of their young people cycling to and from school.

We felt there was ‘no better time than the present’ to address this issue, as this recent news article highlights;

Dad’s terror after son, 12, who refused to wear cycling helmet because it wasn’t “cool” nearly dies in accident

A recent report states that Portsmouth has the worst Cyclist Casualty Rate outside of London.

Introducing these expectations in regard to wearing a bike helmet, for many, can be difficult. However, we are pleased to report that many of our students have embraced the change.

We have been informed that a small number of students have chosen not to wear a helmet this has led to them leaving their bikes at home. For others, it has led to them locking their bikes ‘off’ the school premises putting their bikes potentially at a greater risk of theft.

We would encourage all students to cycle safely to and from school due to the significant health benefits but we would like them to do so by taking appropriate safety precautions.

Izzie Jordan Evans (2016/17 Deputy Head Girl) and current Senior students have presented the safety concerns raised by students, parents and staff, to Penny Mordaunt, MP for Portsmouth North. We are hoping that this will help bring about some further changes to improve the safety of students travelling to and from school.

Additionally, we are currently speaking with Portsmouth City Council about offering our students the Level 3 Bikeability training next academic year and we hope to give you more details in due course.

Thank you for your ongoing support with this matter.