Fairthorne Manor Residential

Fairthorne Manor


On Thursday 5th October, we left Broadside in a minibus full of our overloaded suitcases and headed to Fairthorne Manor for our first residential experience.  We were met by our group leader, Sara.  She would be doing our activities with us for the two days that we were there.  She was from Barcelona and she was great fun. Our rooms weren’t quite ready so we had some lunch and a tour of the Fairthorne grounds.

After being allocated our rooms and unpacking our cases, we headed to our first activity, Jacob’s ladder.  Standing at the bottom, we realised that it was a long way up and we wondered how we would reach the top – we thought that it would be easy.  But we were wrong!  The harnesses cut in to us and each step was further apart than the last. Only three of us managed to make it to the top – Mr Morgan is really proud to be one of them!

Jacob’s ladder was followed by Kayaking; which was hilarious.  We were on a wide part of the river and the water was freezing! Our instructors let us paddle around to get the hang of it – we took the opportunity to tip Mrs Adams out of her kayak. So enjoyable! After a couple of games, when everyone was suitably soaked, we headed back to get warm and dry for dinner.  It was nice to eat together and talk about what was still to come.

Marshmallows and Hot Chocolate around the campfire deep in the forest rounded off our day perfectly.  We were tired and very ready for bed.

Breakfast was cereal, toast and croissants and once we had packed our belongings, we were ready for our first activity of the day, Team Challenge, and Sara had warned us to dress for mud! We had to complete an obstacle course as a team.  The first time we did it, we had to be linked in a circle and weren’t allowed to let go. Then we had to do it blindfolded!  It was hard but we did it because we worked together and talked through what we needed to do. We were all covered in mud but it really was fun.

We had very little time to get clean and dry before we did our last activity, Aerial Runway.  We had to put harnesses on again and we went one by one down the zip-line.  When we got to the end we hard to run the rope back for the next person.  The first zip-line was long but not very high.  The second one was much higher but was shorter. Everyone agreed that the first one was much more fun.

Walking back to the minibus, we were tired but we really had had the best time.  We said goodbye to Sara and headed for home. 

Our first residential was brilliant – we can’t wait to do it again next year!

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