First Student Council Meeting of 2017/18



On Wednesday 27th September the first Students Council meeting of the year took place. Representatives from every tutor group attended and discussed a range of issues. We started our meeting by introducing ourselves, stating what our roles are and what we are hoping to achieve throughout the year. We also asked a few of the senior prefects and extra-curricular group representatives to speak about their roles (basically promoting these groups to people who we believed want to make a difference within their school environment).

Next we set aside a few minutes for the tutor groups to think of some ground rules to follow while at our termly meetings. The tutor teams agreed on a set of reasonable and mature rules: Be punctual, be respectful, Contribute to discussions etc. If all tutor reps follow these rules we expect to achieve a great deal this year.

Following this, Mrs. Firth spoke about the COPS (Council of Portsmouth Students) Forum and managed to recruit the required number of students to join and represent the school at meetings.

Afterwards we gave the groups around 10-15 mins to discuss ideas they had to improve the school and we asked them to pick a top 3 to feedback from each group. They all had lots of great ideas which we will discuss next time.

To conclude, we asked each rep to write any suggestions of how the meetings should be run or any ideas that hadn’t been said on a feedback sheet.

The minutes from the meeting have gone to tutor groups for them to discuss and give lots of feedback.

It looks like a really exciting year ahead!

Deputy Head boy and Leader of the Student Council – Mustafa Elyas