PD Day 1: Year 10 – Prision Me No Way!


On Wednesday 4th October Year 10 students took part in the Prison Me No Way event here at ALNS.  Students took part in various workshops run by staff  from the ‘Prison Me! No Way, Southern Domestic Abuse and Anthony Powell . 

The day included workshops on Split Second , Domestic Abuse, You Be the Judge, Gangs, Choices, Street Scene (Anti Social Behaviour) and Prison.  Students had the opportunity to see the inside of the prison cell which was a life size replica and furnished to prison standards (very basic), they also got to experience the inmates living conditions and enclosed in a small space.  The cell had been adapted to fit inside a Luton Box Van.  Students also heard real life stories and events then to discuss the outcome and how situations could have be avoided or what the penalty should be.  It certainly makes young people think about actions and consequences.

Students comments include

‘ It really makes you think twice, I didn’t realise the impact on family if person goes to prison, visitors having to be searched being going to see them’

‘ I am NEVER going to prison’

‘ That was the best day ever’

‘Hearing Anthony’s story was so sad but so good, and all the work that he is now doing’

Prison Me! No-Way! is a national educational charity with a core aim of raising awareness among young people about the causes, consequences and penalties of crime.