IDO World Championships

IDO (international dance organisation) holds Hip Hop national, European and world championships every year in countries such as Italy, Germany, Denmark, Poland and Austria. Our dance company, The Movement Initiative, have taken part in these competitions for over five years and have progressed massively throughout.

This year the company travelled to Denmark, Copenhagen for the world championship including a total of 29 countries. Our junior formations team the ‘Young Dream Chasers’, consists of 19 dancers and is choreographed by three time world champion Tega Alexander. We earned ourselves the title of World Champions, taking the gold medal for the United Kingdom. In this category there were over 40 teams and we competed in four rounds over the space of two days.

Not only did we achieve 1st place in team but we also took the title of world champions in our junior battle crew, ’Young Lions’ which has five members including ourselves. In this category we had to perform a preliminary round lasting three minutes choreographed by our battle teacher, Toby Stannard. There were ten crews in the prelim and only four got to battle for 1st place and 3rd place. We were selected to battle for 1st place against a Canadian team and we beat them 3-0.

In the run up to this competition, we rehearsed solidly since June and even though we had many obstacles we managed to pull through and take the gold’s.

“We stood together.

We prayed together.

We overcame together.

We believed together.

We excelled together.  

Young dream chasers = IDO Hip Hop junior formations world champions” – Tega Alexander.