Level 3 Bike Ability Training


Many of our students successfully attended and participated in the Level 3 Bike ability training course during half term. The Level 3 course is the most demanding award on offer and challenges young people’s skills in the most complex of road layouts. We would like to say a huge well done to the following students;

Henry Parr

Nela Batulayan

Junel Batulayan

Reggie Noakes

Matthew Hague

Bethany Hilton

Abbie Chappell

Lilly Jones

Ben Clarke

Ben James

Zac Williams

Daniel Wilkes

Amber Smith

Charlie Nother

Stanley Thompson

Ben Compton

Isaac Sanderson

We are hoping that more Level 3 training will be made available at the same time next year for any other interested students. At the same time we are continue to attempting  trying to organise Level 2 training but due to funding and Junior School taking up most of the offer this is more problematic. We will keep you posted.