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PD Day Three – 19th October 2017

PD Day 3


PD Day three took place on Thursday 19th October. The day was quite simply amazing with staff and students experiencing a range of new activities, learning in different ways, having their opinions challenged and engaging with a huge amount of visitors in the school all sharing their experiences and knowledge with us.

Year 7 had “Robot Revolution” day with visitors in school helping our students design, make and programme real robots, they designed robots and made them move around the hall. Perhaps the highlight of the day was meeting ‘Jenny’ the Royal Nany robot who we saw dance to Thriller and then the students had the chance to programme her themselves.

Year 8 learnt about their career options on ‘Your Future’ day. They experienced a carousel of different talks and workshops by a range of visitors all experts in their field. This day is an important one for Year 8 as they start to think about their option choices this year so it was a great opportunity for them to start to explore the possibilities for their futures. They met chefs, paramedics, firefighters, health and beauty teachers and much more. One year 8 said “My favourite PD Day so far!”

The Year 9 students took part in ‘Get Lost in Books day’ where they learnt about what goes into writing and designing a book for children before writing and making their own books aimed at a young audience. The day was best summed up by one Year 9 student who said “I really enjoyed being able to put creative ideas together and learn about being a writer. I got to be really creative and have now written a real book.”

Ethics and Tolerance was the Year 10 day. Students worked with a wide range of guest speakers who talked about refugees, disability, the Prevent strategy, mental health to name a few. Students had the opportunity to share their own beliefs and ask questions about others. The most moving session of the day was given by a refugee who shared his own real experiences with our students and really made them question what they read in the press about refugees.

Year 11s had a day in their second option choice subjects which enabled them to really focus for a full day on developing their skills in chosen areas.

PD Day 3 saw over 40 visitors coming into school to work with our students. What a great day!

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