The Guildhall comes to Drama

Creative Careers

Year 9 and Year 11 BTEC Performing Arts students had an amazing opportunity just before half term. They got to experience the Guildhall Creative Careers Roadshow in the Drama Studio here at ALNS. The workshop was run by one of our own ex-students Ben Clabon and introduced students to the huge range of creative career pathways beyond performing.

The workshops were really interactive with games, discussions and a virtual tour of the Guildhall where students had the opportunity to see EVERY different job that people do within the Guildhall. It was eye-opening for many of our students who hadn’t really thought about these career options at all.

The workshops were really useful with students saying “I hadn’t thought about doing that before but now I want to learn more about how to manage events” and “It’s great when we meet real people working in the creative industry and hear about what they do, there are so many different options!”

We owe a massive THANK YOU to the Guildhall Portsmouth for coming in twice to run these workshops. It’s great that our students get these opportunities to learn about their options.

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