Portsmouth University Visit

University Visit 1

Earlier this term, a fantastic group of Portsmouth University 2nd and 3rd year degree Illustration students joined us for an afternoon, to add an enriched experience to the Year 10 Organic and Environment scheme of work.

The University students very bravely approached the students with unconventional and quirky drawing tasks based in our nature reserve. Also drawing exercises were based in the classroom, but standing up and on the move; with changing tasks at a quick pace.

Brilliant and challenging for getting the students out of their comfort zone and shaking up their preconception of what is deemed a good drawing the students produced a lively and energetic body of work to contribute to their overall coursework.

The slightly startled Illustration students offered expertise and experience with well thought out activities for this very lucky group, which left us to yet again challenge the idea of putting the photorealistic drawing on an unnecessary podium to aspire to.

University Visit 2