ALNS goes global! Classroom connections between the UK and Nigeria.

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This morning a group of 18 students took part in a live video call link up with a school in Abuja which is the capital of Nigeria. Most of them were from Year 7 and had previously attended a session with ONE Campaign Coordinator Billy Hill during a Personal Development day on Human Rights last term. Also invited were representatives of the RRSA ambassadors; Lawrence Coqueral Year 8 and Jood Elyas Year 10. Earlier in the day Lawrence and Jood delivered a weather report on Radio Solent. I also took the time to explain that today we were going to link live to a school in Abuja, Nigeria with the campaigning group; the ONE campaign who are trying to raise awareness of the need for equality in education and the rights of every child to go to school.

Chris Mitchell from the ONE campaign wrote:

The session connected two groups of young people in two continents, showing them that they are linked by learning, and that one of the most important parts of growing up is to get an education. Learning basic skills such as writing, reading and maths are essential to their success – which is why it is so important that every child, wherever they are in the world, gets the chance to go to school and learn.

During the session, the students learnt about what’s the same and what’s different about going to school, and they were able to talk live with pupils thousands of miles away. The pupils will were invited to ask questions of one another – via the web link – to get a first-hand account of what it’s like to go to school in a different country, what they hope their education will help them do in later life, and what they think is the most important part of school.

Billy and Rosie, both from ONE, were with us at ALNS in Portsmouth and took the role of presenter and interviewer. All the ALNS students were able to either ask, or answer questions. They were a credit to themselves and the school. I was very proud of all of them.

Luca Escolar-Cole year 7 said “It was really interesting to find out how people live in Nigeria and that they have to pay for education. It was sad they don’t get the same conditions as us.”

Jood Elyas year 10 said “The link up showed students how similar we are and also how different our lives are.”

Ms Lucas said “It was a wonderful experience which was both eye opening and exciting for the students. It is so important for them to understand how fortunate they are in having not just a free but quality education which often we take for granted. Every child is entitled to the right to an education! It’s time we delivered on this and ended these inequalities once and for all. ”

Penny Mordaunt, our local MP and Secretary of State for International Development, is currently attending a conference in Dakar, Senegal and hopefully she will hear about what we’ve been doing!

Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

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