Macbeth Live at Admiral Lord Nelson School

Drama Masks

On Thursday 22nd March, Year 9 and Year 11 students had the wonderful opportunity to see Shakespeare’s Macbeth performed live in school by the fantastic Box Clever theatre company.

Year 9 enjoyed this experience as part of their PD day ‘Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble’ during which they explored the language and characters of some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays creatively, taking part in activities such as creating animated films exploring some of the most famous quotations and designing masks inspired by some of his most deceptive characters. They then enjoyed the live performance, which will set them up perfectly for studying ‘Macbeth’ in the summer term.

Year 11 students also had the invaluable experience of watching the live performance, which helped to prepare them for their upcoming GCSE Literature exam, in which they will be examined on ‘Macbeth’. Some Year 11s also had the amazing opportunity to take part in acting some of the key scenes, allowing them and the audience to develop a greater insight into the characters’ motivations. Year 11 student Libby Brooks said ‘the performance has really helped me to remember the story and key quotations, which will really help me in my exam – it was also really impressive how they performed the whole play with just three actors!’.