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ALNS visits Facebook!

Here at Admiral Lord Nelson School, we pride ourselves on trying to be on the cutting edge of educational research and technology. In recognition of this and our work with both our public Facebook page and our internal Facebook Workplace site, we were invited to attend an event at the Facebook offices in London on Wednesday 23rd May 2018.

Our Trust Network Manager, Lewis Kemp, and the member of SLT responsible for educational technology R&D, Andy Greenway, went along.

The workshop was very useful – as we are currently one of only a couple of schools in the UK to adopt Workplace this early, it was great to speak to other school leaders and Academy Trusts to see how others are doing things and share a bit of best practice. We also got a hands-on sneak peek of some of their newest tools for education, such as the new Oculus Go VR headsets (stay tuned for some more on these later, hopefully!) and their newly launched TechPrep site, aimed at getting students in to Computer Science.

We weren’t allowed to take too many photos of the offices and workspaces, but we do have a couple we thought people might be interested to see. Plus we left our mark on the famous Facebook Wall in the reception of the building!

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